Maharajah's Choice
Ready to Eat meals are now available in the Maharajah's Choice range of authentic Indian cuisine. These meals are:

Shelf stable - no need to refrigerate/freeze
100% Natural
Contain No preservatives
Suitable for Vegetarians
Microwaveable in 2 minutes

Available in 11 varieties:

Vegetable Korma - Maharajah's Choice brings you a popular vegetable curry originating from Northern India, comprising of vegetables and cashews cooked in a sauce enriched with the flavour of Indian spices.

Vegetable Biryani - A north Indian Lucknow Nawabi speciality. A fragrant basmati rice preparation with Vegetable curry.

Moong Dhal Halwa - A famous sweet from Gujrat in the Western part of India. Lentils soaked then roasted and cooked in sugar syrup.

Dhal Tadka - An authentic combination of lentils, tempered with onions, tomatoes, mustard seeds and garlic. A daily dish in Indian homes.

Methi Muttar Malai - A unique combination of green peas with fenugreek leaves. It is a mild creamy sweet dish which is a favourite in Gujrat.

Paneer Palak - The true flavour of Northern India is found in this popular dish, Palak Paneer. It is a mildly spiced combination of cottage cheese and spinach.

Dum Aloo - A Kashmiri speciality of baby potatoes cooked in a mild creamy sauce with aromatic spices.

Punjabi Chole - The most popular dish from Punjab, Northern India. Curried chickpeas are cooked with tamarind, hot spices, onions and tomatoes. Delicious served with Indian Breads.

Paneer Tikka Masala - This dish brings you an authentic taste of India. Morsels of cottage cheese are cooked on a grill and combined with a medium spiced creamy Tikka sauce.

Baigan Bharta - A famous North Indian dish of minced roasted eggplant, subtly spiced and blended with onions and tomatoes.

Dhal Makhani - An authentic creamy rich butter dhal from the North West Frontier. A true delicacy cooked in the traditional Indian way.